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P&B is a Business Developer that  specializes in Power Generation and Co-generation, our main activities are:

-Green field Power Generation Project development
-Assistance to investors to enter into Business Opportunities

We cover a broad spectrum of  technologies and applications such as:

- Co-generation, usually based on Natural Gas
- Gas Combined Cycles
- Biomass Power Plants in the 10-50MW range
- Concentrated Solar Power
- Small coal plants,
- Large scale PV

P&B acts as the developer to originate power generation projects.

This activity is performed in Europe, South America, Africa and Middle East in close collaboration with local partners The basic technologies are:

• Biomass (6-20MW) based on agricultural or forestall residue.
• Small combined cycles (10-100MW) based on modular high capacity systems.

These system can also generate heat for a process or district heating. Also they can be hybridized with PV to enhance availability and ROE.

P&B contributes technical and business definition while the local partner deals with the permitting and authorization procedures. Projects can be totally green field or acquired in different stages of development.

Investors can get early notice of projects under development and choose to participate either from the beginning or at a later stage.