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P&B identifies an opportunity that is considered adequate for an Investor.

In this branch of activity a business opportunity is identified:

- A working power plant.
- A developed but not yet built project.
- A company that could be in sale.
- …
Our philosophy:

- Work only from the investor side – we do not represent sellers nor have any vested interest in any project we propose so we bear no compromises. We will not collect payments from any other stakeholder in the project, including the EPC contractor.

- Work with only one investor at a time – we do not believe in offering an opportunity to simultaneous investors as this degrades mutual trust and creates unnecessary stress.

Assistance to Investors – Stages

• Project Identification

We are continually identifying investment / financing opportunities ,  based on the Client’s investment criteria we can filter those that match the  desired pattern.

• Preliminary evaluation

A simple technical + financial evaluation is carried out so that the decision  to express interest in a project  can be made.

• Price determination

This report integrates all technical and business aspects to generate an accurate pricing of the asset that will generate the specified return with a set probability.  This would suffice for a go/no go decision subject to a proper DD.

• Assistance during due diligence

Based on the whole DD documentation and open access to the site set we can accompany the client through the remaining of the DD process to assess the capability of the assets to perform as expected and we can recalculate its value based on the findings.

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